“Human beings can only progress through trasformation.                                                The key is to change our habits, in particular our mental habits”


Integral development

With this line of business we offer a fully integrated service, which entails prior analysis and comprehensive action based on our methodology accendo Plus which combines experiential learning and coaching.
Our development methodology is carried out in three phases:
1. Where are we?
In this phase we assess using latest generation diagnosis tools (leadership culture, 360º leadersip profile, team group dynamics: positivity and productivity) the current situation of the company or its departmets.
2. Where do we want to go?
In this phase we desing jointly with the client the most adequate solutions for the organisation taking into account its sector, client and degree of internal development.
3. How do we get there?
From the information gathered in the pevious phases we apply our accendo Plus methodology (combined program of experiential training and coaching), which we customise to the company's needs and unique situation.
We help people and organisations to develop